Siklóernyő - Airborne Siklóernyő - Airborne

Swing Twin 2 RS

…passionate about tandem flying!
Bringing passion and joy to something will produce the best results.
Swing Twin 2 RS
Siklóernyő - Airborne

Our new TWIN RS 2 was developed by an experienced team of professional tandem pilots. Their goal was to create a completely reliable piece of equipment for daily use, which can be relied on 100% from launch through to landing.
We have optimised our tried and tested RAST system specifically for the particular demands of tandem flying.
It helps you deal confidently with even challenging situations and gives your passenger a safe and unforgettable flying experience.

And because we believe that work should also be fun, the TWIN RS 2 is equipped with playful and effortless handling, which guarantees good times.



TWIN RS 39 (S) 41 (M)
LTF Musterprüfung Trimmer closed (PDF)
Trimmer opened (PDF)
Trimmer closed (PDF)
Trimmer opened (PDF)
CEN Certification B B
Recommended weight range (kg) Min/Max incl. Equipment 120-190 150-220
Permissible weight range (kg) min./max. incl. Equipment 110-190 130-225
Number of seats 2 2
Cells 49 49
Wing area projected (m²) 34,7 37,3
Wing area (m²) 38,7 41,6
Wing span (m) 14,7 15,3
Projected wing span (m) 12 12,5
Aspect ratio 5,6 5,6
Projected aspect ratio 4,2 4,2
Glider weight (kg) 7,1 7,6


Swing Twin 2 RS
Ár: 3.100 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3hét
Rendelés esetén kérünk hív bennünket a 0036209346693 számon vagy írj a címre.


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3.100 Euro
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